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PR and the blog

My last entry from Bagan (which was a little too emotional in retrospect) got me an email response, stating that I am making too much fuzz about bringing clothing to Myanmar, especially because the amount really wasn't that much. And that it seems as if I am only carrying clothing to this country for PR reasons.

It is true that I talk about this "mission" a lot, but it is also true that it means quite a bit to me, and that I am (or rather have been) going through some pains to accomplish it. And while I cannot deny a selfish component in what I am doing, the purpose is not PR, but rather the satisfaction I get from helping others. In that sense, altruism and egoism are very closely related for me.

Apart, I am posting my thoughts to my blog, which is read by two kinds of people: those interested in what I am doing, and the readers of Planet Debian. The first group are invited to read as much as they want, which is what makes blogs -- a pull medium -- a very nice vehicle for a travel diary. I realise that the second group, the readers of Planet Debian, are somewhat involuntarily subjected to what I write. I have been encouraged by many people to post travel impressions to Planet Debian, as well as others are encouraged by many (including myself) to post off-topic stuff as well. It adds to the diversity, and renders Planet Debian as a great means to support us all and adds to the values of our community (which is more than a bunch of geeks hacking away, but has quite a bunch of social components). In addition, Planet Debian readers are certainly experienced with deleting or ignoring posts they don't care about, so I do not feel particularly guilty or imposing. I hope that my feelings here are on spot.