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The Yangon cinema experience

I did leave the midday heat today for the cinema, but even though I wanted to buy the ticket already more than an hour in advance, it was completely sold out (and the cinema has 500 seats...). I ended up getting an upstairs seat for 1700 Kyats ($1.20) instead of 1000, and went to watch "The Myth" by and with Jackie Chan.

The movie itself didn't strike my fancy. Imagine Jackie Chan and Indiana Jones tossed in a tumbler, and out comes this flick, a tale of ancient warriors, gravity defiance inside hard to reach caves, and love, of course, all interlaced with some ridiculous fighting scenes. Call me cheap or boring, but I certainly do prefer Jackie Chan in the streets of Hongkong, battling the mafia or other gangster clans, running up walls, and fighting Kung Fu as opposed to lances and swords.

What made the movie an unforgettable experience nevertheless were the 499 Burmese in the room with me (or at least I could not spot another foreigner). The film was in English without subtitles, and most of the people (whole families, couples, little kids, elderly people) came for the fighting scenes and did not understand anything in between: most talked almost all the way through, the crowd growing louder as talking replaced the fighting, and their talk turning into rooting and laughing when Jackie picked up the sword again for the next butchery.

The couple next to me were seriously making out, skin contact included, while the three guys diagonally in front of me were obviously drunk and got even more so during the flick.

So in the end, I can't really say that I liked the movie, for I barely saw it. But I'll consider doing the cinema thing again, this time on the cheap seats down below, where the real party was apparently going on. "The legend of Zorro" strikes me as a good choice because it's probably pretty crap, judging purely from preview, actors, and director.