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The healing power of water

As previously mentioned, I apparently overchallenged my body just a little the last couple of days, eating mostly on the markets, where hygiene isn't really an existing concept. Without a "Delhi belly", I managed to overcome the symptoms, and I attribute most of it to dehydration, which I find had to explain given the amount of water I had been drinking.

So this morning I went to buy electrolyte solution and drank a total of six litres before the cinema, and still have not had to go the bathroom. My body, which I can usually rely on very much in these parts (even to the point of digesting moderate amounts of the tap water here), must have been in dire need for salt and water. Now that it's refueled, it's not complaining anymore.

... which once again supports my theory that just water (with electrolytes at times) can cure way more bodily aches than the pharmacologists would like.