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Hot as hell

I woke up early this morning to see the most important sights in the city before the midday heat, but already at 7:00 o'clock, it was unbearable to set foot outside. I decided that there was no way I went to see temples, where I'd have to take off my shoes and walk on the burning ground, so instead I tried the market, which surprisingly didn't seem to be open yet, when I got there around 8:00, people were just setting up. I'd come back later is what I said and headed off for an air-conditioned bakery for some sweet breakfast.

On the way, I passed a pharmacy with a thermometer. It read 56 degrees, and it was in the shade of a tree. While I have no way of verifying its tare, I wouldn't be surprised; walking the 500 metres from the market to the bakery, I was literaly drenched in sweat.

If only I had a book left to read, then I'd have a simple solution to the question how to pass this day. There are no bookstores with any form of reasonable selection to be found here.