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How do they do it?

Ever since I entered Myanmar, I could not connect to my SSH server anymore. I had anticipated port 22 to be blocked, so I bound sshd onto port 443, which the government (would like to but) cannot block. Nevertheless, the connection times out.

Is it really conceivable that they employ a content filter that can separate HTTPS traffic from other encrypted traffic? Isn't SSH also just an SSL connection before the session negotiation commences?

I really wonder what they do, and even more how I could get around it. Obviously, a TCP- or IP-over-HTTPS tunnel would do, but I don't have access to one right now.

Update: It seems that the real reason is that port 443/tcp is expected to go through the proxy. Thus, you need to connect to the proxy and establish a tunnel to the destination with the CONNECT command. I've been told that the pre-compiled OpenSSH binaries work well together with the pre-compiled connect.exe.