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I realise this newsbit is now a month old, but I only just saw it, and wasn't exactly pleased.

Ubuntu has announced the launch of an Ubuntu-specific certification exam, based on the LPI certifications. LPI was alwats supposed to be an independent certification. With Canonical pushing in, this may well be the end of it.

In related but other news, I wonder of what a "Ubuntu Certified Professional" is supposed to be capable. It's a single exam on top of LPIC 1, but does passing that make anyone a "professional"? It's the old experience vs. certification debate, and so far, LPI has steered clear of either side (or at least done their best). With Canonical entering the picture, the LPI certifications will now inch closer and closer to the pool of the certifications offered by all the commercial vendors.

And those pretty much accomplish the exact opposite of what their trying to do. At least in my experience, it's always been a direct correlation: those eager to display their certifications were mostly unsuitable for anything. Those without certifications were the ones to hire.

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