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Choosing a new cellphone

For the past two years, I have been a moderately satisfied user of the Nokia 6230 cellphone, which does all a cellphone should do ("it even has a camera!"). However, it suffers from some shortcomings, namely:

Now, my provider is offering me a new phone if I choose to renew the contract (which I will). Thus, I am faced with a new choice, and so ventured out to the stores to get myself informed. I have somewhat of a preference for Nokia phones simply because I already have a set of chargers for them. My requirements for a phone are:

My most-wanted feature has always been a button you can press, which would make the phone ring 10 seconds later -- a great way to get out of an annoying conversation. Unfortunately, no manufacturer even bothered to reply to my feature request sent maybe 4 years ago, so it's unlikely I'll find a phone with this capability anytime soon.

Another nice feature to have would be an in-phone answering machine, like the Sony CMD-Z5 used to have. Of course, the provider lobby is not going to let that happen, as they'd lose revenue not being able to charge people normal connection charges for calls to their own mailbox.

What I don't need (but would not care about anyway) are:

Given all of the above, it seems that I only have one phone to choose: The Nokia 6230i, where the i stands for "improved", I guess. But before you get your hops up high (as I did mine), check out the list of improvements and join me in a big sigh. While every manufacturer, including Nokia, has released several new phones over the last two years, they have all been down their multimedia lines. In fact, it seems that the only improvements Nokia and the other manufacturers performed on their business lines was to make the phones larger, add keyboards, and turn them more into PDAs. How sad.

Then again, a lot of new models are announced. I may well have to put off the decision until the 6233 is out, the 6021 available here, or I've had a chance to check out the 6822. Also, the E60 and E70 look like worth a look, especially because they integrate Voice-over-IP.

And I feel I should have another look at Motorola, Samsung, and Siemens phones. However, so far I have not heard too many good things about any of these, and haven't seen models that are small and light. I really don't need to slide or fold the phone to use it.

PS: if you are a phone manufacturer and read this, maybe you could again consider normal user needs when designing your next line of phones, rather than trying to forcefully push more multimedia upon our entertainment society, which nobody really needs but everyone ends up using.