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Keeping an eye on package involvement

I find my developer QA page to be unappropriately long. At the same time, I have completely lost track of which packages I maintain (well, sort of), (am supposed to) co-maintain, and to which packages I've subscribed via the PTS.

A script to the rescue! Please excuse that it's bash (which sucks), but there just isn't another more rapid development tool for such petty tasks out there.

Without further ado, you can download checkpkgs and give it a whirl:


$ checkpkgs

use explicit email

$ checkpkgs dude@thisrocksmysocks.org

use separate PTS subscription email address

$ checkpkgs dude@thisrocksmysocks.org dude-pts@thisrocksmysocks.org

use separate PTS subscription email address and $DEBEMAIL

$ DEBPTSEMAIL=dude-pts@thisrocksmysocks.org checkpkgs

The output is quite simply a table of the following form:


The columns are:

So from the above output, I know that:

The script's only a quick hack, but maybe people come to like it.

PS: I really need to set up version control again.