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Matrox pains

One of my newer computers (an Athlon 64) came with a Matrox Millenium P750 graphics card. Back then, the machine was basically headless, so the graphics card didn't need to do anything.

My primary workstation has been flakey over the past year, so I decided to switch to the newer machine. Trying to figure out the drivers for X, my mouth gets all watery when I hear about the P750 triple head support -- I do have three screens, so why not?

But the excitement only lasts for a short time. First of all, Matrox only released a binary driver for Linux. Second, the binary driver only supports x86, so I cannot use it on my x86_64 environment. And third, the company is completely unresponsive, and if you get someone on the line, they're incompetent. I would be happy with a binary driver (sort of), but at least make it 64bit, don't just ignore the requests

I do wonder how lonk it takes until one of the graphics card vendors pluges in at the deep end, open sources their Linux drivers, and becomes the Linux userss' primary vendor. At least they could do it for their previous models so as to not screw up the gamerz market.

Oh, and let's give this guy some traffic.