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The most expensive cities

I just stumbled over this report on the 50 most expensive cities (via Boing Boing). Zurich is down to position 9 (it was in number 5 the last time I read such a report), but that's not the only surprise -- I have not perceived London, Tokyo, and Geneva to be more expensive than Zurich, nor would I consider Zurich to have become cheaper.

When I spot Hanoi and Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City) in the thirties, before Amsterdam and Munich (which doesn't even appear in the top 50), I am beginning to doubt the veracity of the list. Or well, at least I'd like to know more about how they've arrived at the ranking.

Or it's been too long since my last visit to Vietnam. Yeah, that must be it.

Update: Mike Hommey says:

I think what you missed is that the ranking is about comparing how cities are expensive for locals, not how inherently expensive they are. Sure Hanoi might be cheap for the European, but might not be that cheap for Vietnamese, when you take into account housing prices, etc. compared to the average salary.

I am aware of this; it's only one of the reasons why I am missing information in the study.