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The Nokia E-series cell phones (E60 and E70 specifically)

I am on the look for a new cell phone, and now that the Nokia E60 and E70 are out, I went to the shop to had a close look at them, and one thing I can say up front is that they're both quite okay for people who like Series 60 (v3) phones and all the colourful navigation stuff you (have to) do with them. I personally don't really care as long as I can quickly learn to find my way, and as long as the physical aspects of navigation are okay and responsive (which rules out Sony Ericsson for me).

With that I can start at one difference between the two E series phones: the navigation nipple on the E60 seems a lot easier to use than on the E70. That said, the two phones are otherwise very similar under the hood (see this link for details, in the following are only the points I consider important):

Obvious differences include:

You can compare the specs of the two phones as well as the 6822 (which is like the E70 in some ways, but without WLAN and VoIP) at this link.

Oh, and then there's the Motorola A910, which runs Linux, comes in a little heavier and at about the same volume as the E60, doesn't include infrared support, and doesn't seem to provide a VoIP client, which I'd say is less of a problem given the Linux basis. Unfortunately, it does not seem to available in Switzerland.

Together with a contract extension, I can get either of the E series phones at about half the street price. In addition, the shop manager told me he'd allow me to return the phone within three days if it didn't meet my expectations. All of this, and the above combined makes me want to sleep for another night, and then try out the E60 over the weekend.

I have to make a decision whether to prolong my contract by 24 months, or only 12 months and pay CHF 100 more for the phone. That comes down to around 5€/month, which is around 10% of my monthly bill. Given that I was always happy with Sunrise as provider, it would seem natural to bind myself for 24 months. However, prices are expected to drop substantially over the next year, and I am not sure whether a provider could lock you in to an existing contract, even if the government ordered a price decrease. So in the light of the expected availability of more and enhanced WLAN phones, such as the Motorola A910, I think a 12 month contract will be the better choice.

.. [0] "gatekeeper" is an H.323 term and I brought it up in the conversation : because I am new to SIP and, well... He said it would be able to connect to a company-internal "thing, like a Cisco router," so this leads me to assume it will be able to connect to any SER out there. Thanks to Mark Brown for bringing this to my attention.