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Impossible n'est pas français

Raphaël Hertzog and Roland Mas, both well-known Debian developers (and Raphaël is also a Debian book author, which Roland has proof-read), have done it: my book is now also disponible en la langue de l'amour! Thanks a lot to both of you for all your work (and sweat (and blood (and, well, there weren't any tears i hope...) -- nor blood)). I cannot wait to get my own copy!

As with the Japanese translation, it feels weird to hold a text in your hand with your name on it but without a chance to actually read it. My French actually isn't that bad, so I am looking forward to browsing it, but as with Junichi and Kenshi, the Japanese translators, I feel quite comfortable about the translation, having met Raphaël and Roland in person and having witnessed their dedication to Debian and thoroughness of their work.

So again: thanks a lot, guys!

In addition to German and Japanese, as well as the original English, this is now the forth language, and there are more to come.

PS: you wouldn't believe it, but the French edition with its 674 pages tops all other editions in terms of length: it's 25 pages longer than the German one.

Update: I forgot to mention that all of the aforementioned translators, Junichi, Kenshi, Roland, and Raphaël have taken their time to send feedback and corrections to me. That deserves another round of thank yous!