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Ikiwiki and issue tracking

It's been a while, but Joey Hess replied publicly to a discussion we had on IRC, but he only looked at whether issue tracking in a wiki makes sense. Thus I wanted to add my point of view. Three months after I originally started this post. Oh well.

The reason I contacted Joey Hess was because I was (and am still) on the look for better tools for my personal information management, and I identified several important aspects I'd want from such a system:

In terms of integration, I am thinking mostly about WikiWords that get automatically linked to the corresponding wiki pages, if these exist, and across all components; so if I write a blog entry or add a new issue to the tracker, I can easily refer to content on my own wiki (or the issue tracker, or blog) without much typing. I imagine further synergies are possible but have not put much time into thinking about those.

The main reason I contacted Joey about this, because his ikiwiki has a backend store capable of synchronisation: it's a wiki engine (which can also be used for blogging), but it's based on the subversion version control system. Together with svk or bzrsvn, it definitely meets the synchronisation requirements about as good as it gets.

But ikiwiki falls short in three main points for me:

Also, ikiwiki does not have a permissions subsystem, though I'm sure it would be possible to add that fairly easily.

Many who have read this far will probably think Trac, which I've also inspected. Trac is written in Python (which I grok), and it integrates a wiki engine with an issue tracker and a (single) repository browser much in the way I want it.

However, it comes without granular permissions, and wiki content and issues are stored in an SQL backend, rather than the version control repository to which a Trac instance can be bound. This also leaves it without a command-line interface or synchronisation abilities -- unless I want to manipulate SQL records and set up replication between SQL backends. If you care, I am not the only one who wants to see Trac use the VCS backend for wiki content and issue storage.

So I am still on the look. If you have any comments, please mail me.

NP: Sybarite / Placement Issues

Update: Joey tells me that ikiwiki now also supports git, Mercurial, and tla backends, and that Monotone is in preparation. I wonder how long it'll take until bzr is added.

Update: He also responded to my post.