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At Twelve?

If I remember correctly, then at 12 years of age, I was making my first attempts at chasing girls (mostly to play pranks on them), causing a hell of a lot of trouble in school, smoking and acquiring my first alcohol experiences, hacking on my Mac SE/30, and taking my wonderful mountain bike to places noone had ever gone before.

Unfortunately, I did not pay any serious attention to the art of percussion back then, or else I would have maybe... ah, nevermind, no way I would have ever done this (videodownloader.net has links to other formats -- and there is a Firefox extension).

I miss my drum kit, which is at this moment a mere 1872.45 kilometres away (or so says `map24.com`_ anyway, which is crap and does not give me a way to link to the route from Limerick to Munich, it seems).