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"… turn and face the strain"

After many years of accumulating computer usage habits, configuration files, scripts, shortcuts, and key combinations, I have reached a point where I'd much rather wipe the slate clean than to go about fixing bits and pieces here and there. This does not sound like the thing to do, but I really would prefer to rethink how I handle computers rather than put time into fixing things. Maybe it's time for me to work on madduck 2.0.

I have a lot of computer-usage-related headaches these days. For instance:

Things have to change, and I might have to face the strain. But why am I bringing this up now? Well, some time ago I tried once again to make the switch to Dvorak and my Kinesis keyboard, but I (once again) gave up after only a day. I realise that it'll take me several weeks to undo almost 20 years of QWERTY typing, but apart from a very slow typing rate (which is normal at the start), I found anything not related to authoring longer texts to be everything but ergonomic on this keyboard, and much of that is related to the configuration I have in place, and that it is geared towards a plain, flat QWERTY keyboard. It's mainly the position of the two Ctrl and Alt keys, which I use extensively, and which have four different meanings (from left to right): Ctrl, Meta, ModeSwitch, Mod3 (I use Mod3 to quick-start applications. E.g. Mod3-t gives me a terminal, Mod3-f starts Firefox.). In addition, my Caps-Lock key has served me well as Mod5 for window manipulation ever since I switched to ion3 post-Debconf5.

It turns out that I need to use two hands or some non-ergonomic configuration of my digits for almost every operation: reading mail, even if only deleting all mail in a folder and moving on; writing mail; editing with vim; interacting with the shell; window manipulation. For instance:

All this in addition to the fact that I am still in the beginning stages of writing my thesis (I have started), makes me conclude that it will be better to further postpone learning Dvorak and adopting to the new keyboard until the thesis is well on its way (and the writing is flowing), because then it'll be much easier for me to rework my configuration one-by-one with the new keyboard in mind, and start learning Dvorak when I'm half-way there and know what I have to type.

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