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News from the NetBSD cabal

I thought this mail about the current state and future of NetBSD (via /.) was an interesting read, and one relevant to Debian not only because of our Debian NetBSD port.

In particular, it felt good to be able to say "yeah, we've got that" to some of the points Charles raised. However, I also had to concede that we're short in some of the other points. I won't put numbers to these claims because it's not as black and white as this.

What would be really great is if one of the Debian long-timers would sit down and reply to Charles with his/her experience!

Having worked a bunch with the NetBSD crowd in the past, I really would hate to see this project go down. The NetBSD kernel, while not up to the task to provide the desktop experience, still makes for rock-solid servers, and some parts of it sparkle with technical excellence (like the virtual memory management, for instance).

Maybe, just maybe a possible future for NetBSD would be to produce Debian NetBSD in a joint venture?

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