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Report from the Zurich BSPs

Yesterday, the second of Zurich's two bug squashing parties came to an end. As organiser I feel as if both events have been very successful.

On 9 September, between 5 and 8 people hacked on Debian all day, and we managed to fix 17 release-critical bugs without opening any new ones.

This past weekend, we had about the same number of people working between the early morning hours (9:00 o'clock) and dinner time, and fixed 27 release-critical bugs, alongside a slew of normal bugs on the way. Unfortunately, we encountered three new release-critical bugs. In the end, we decreased Debian's release-critical bug count by 41!

One of the attendees, Hanspeter Kunz, worked on the BSP beginner's HOWTO while he was learning about the art of bug squashing. The document is still in the works, please feel free to contribute.

I would like to thank all attendees for their time and work, and I hope my organisation made the events pleasant for all.

I also would like to thank our sponsors: /ch/open and Google for covering our travel and catering expenses, and the Artificial Intelligence Laboratory for letting us use their space and infrastructure.

The organisational effort required from my end was minimal, largely due to my relation to the AILab. This means that it would not be too hard for me to organise another event, but I do not think I'll have the time to do so before the release of Debian "etch". Anyway, if I can somehow excite more sponsors, the Zurich BSPs might turn into a semi-regular event, attracting people from far away, like it did to Debian's second-in-command, Steve McIntyre, who honoured us with his presence.

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