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Digging the iAudio

A little while ago, I finally gave in and bought myself a music player. Now I find it hard to imagine how I coped all these years without one -- I did not have a music player since my MiniDisk player from about seven or eight years ago.

I bought the iAudio X5L with 30Gb of space as part of a fall special sale, and even though it's still a bit on the expensive side, I am glad I did go with the X5L as opposed to the X5 or models by other manufacturers. Here's my analysis, which isn't all positive:

Altogether, the player isn't perfect, but it does what it should (and more) quite well. I can warmly recommend it. It comes in at a slightly higher price than the iPod, but quite frankly I am happy to support the manufacturer Cowon for its product line and philosophy of supporting open formats and caring for the customer.

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