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Shopping for computer parts in Zürich

Here in Zürich, I miss Munich for numerous reasons; one of those is that I can't just go to nb Computer for all my computer part needs. At that store, you get top quality stuff with excellent advice for competitive prices.

There is no comparable store in Zürich, only "discounters" without any chance of receiving advice or being able to look at/touch/try things before you buy them. While no sensible mind would purchase e.g. a harddrive at Media Markt, Interdiscount, or Rediffusion (no links, they're not worth it), digitec looks more promising.

However, I am no longer their customer. Yesterday, a drive I had bought from them in February failed, so I tried to get information on the warranty exchange procedure. I have since sent 3 mails, filled out the contact form, and tried 14 times to call their (expensive) hotline, where I'd usually be kicked out after 10 minutes or so. At their branch, they told me I had to get in touch with customer service first.

This is not acceptable. Screw you, Digitec.

Another store, PCP.ch is a totally different story. Unlike Digitec, I cannot just walk to the store and pick up stuff I preordered online, I'd have to drive about 40 minutes. However, their product line is very attractive, the prices seem alright, and I've never had a problem getting in touch with them.

The current tendency in central Europe is "cheaper cheaper", the commercials promoting stinginess all over the place. Obviously, as the margin decreases for the shops who are trying to keep up with the downward trend, they cannot engage in any fair dealing or obligingness any longer.

What people in Zürich do not seem to realise — and it surprises me, especially in Zürich — is that some folks, including myself, would be all too happy to pay a little more if in return we'd get reliable service.

I am not even going to ask for a shop like nb Computer, who manages to give reliable service and keeps the prices down at the same time. If your reputation is widely known to be exactly that, you can also earn a living.

NP: Emiliana Torrini / Love in the Time of Science

Update: Adrian replied with two pointers to stores I'll have to check out. Thanks!