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Google recruiting

I received a mail from Google yesterday:

Thank you for recently interviewing for a job with Google. As part of our continuous effort to improve the recruiting experience, we would like to get your feedback on how you felt about interviewing with us.

I interviewed with them in June 2005, which must qualify as "recently" I guess.

As Google's image is moving away from "don't be evil", they're going to have to work on recruiting if they still want to get the good people. Back in 2005, I already thought it ridiculous to be subjected to two phone and two on-site interviews, just because "we at Google do things differently".

Granted, from what I've seen and heard, Google is a great employer (if you don't mind an American employment setting). These days, however, I might think twice about my application if it means jumping through hoops to work at a company that's going into a direction I don't fully see as my own.

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