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On to Edinburgh!

Well ahead of time, I overcame my undefined difficulty and pressed the button, which caused Lufthansa to confirm the following schedule:

Fr  8 Jun 13:40 Zürich    14:40 Frankfurt LH3727 4h50 Economy Basic (W)
Fr  8 Jun 16:35 Frankfurt 17:30 Edinburgh LH4942      Economy Basic (W)
Mo 25 Jun 13:45 Edinburgh 16:40 Frankfurt LH4941 4h45 Economy Basic (Q)
Mo 25 Jun 18:35 Frankfurt 19:30 Zürich    LH3734      Economy Basic (Q)

I am paying slightly more for this flight than with the cheap airlines, but it's also the least time-intensive version. Alternatives started at 6.5 lay-overs at Luton, a night at Birmingham, or a three hour train ride to Friedrichshafen to catch a flight to Glasgow, from where I'd have to hop on another railway.

Looking forward to Debconf7! My paper submission is forthcoming.

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