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Firefox handing mailto links to mutt

If you like the mutt email client and have to use Mozilla Firefox, you might like to be able to click mailto: links and have mutt handle them.

There are various extensions that promise to take care of this, but none of them worked for me. So I wrote a little script to handle the interfacing. Instructions how to tie it in with Firefox are included in the header comments.

Enjoy! Comments, patches, and suggestions welcome.

NP: Dream Theater / Awake

Update: thanks to the suggestion by Nelson A. de Oliveira, the script now supports the setting of arbitrary headers, including In-Reply-To. This means you can now use it to answer list mail from the Debian list archive pages (but see #406866 and #406867).

Update: Debian's mutt package now inlucdes the handler since Debian bug #406850 was fixed.