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Stuff I forgot to pack

After an amazingly stressless journey [0]_, I've arrived yesterday evening in Limerick and met Daren and Mel, two alumni of UL who let me move into a spare room in the house they're renting. To be exact, Mel actually lives next door, but who cares about details. After a bit of unpacking, we headed for the pub and returned for an extensive session of Guitar Hero on the Playstation II, which is a truly fun and excellent game.

.. [0] I brought my bike along, for transport and exploring. This involved : packing a bit of extra stuff, borrowing a friend's Tranzbag, arriving early at the airport to get it boxed to ensure a safer journey, picking it up in Dublin, and somehow getting it to Limerick, where I'd have to reassemble it. I wasn't really looking forward to the trip.

: It turned out to be stressless, as I said. The boxing cost me 10 Franks at the airport and was completed in less than 5 minutes, nobody at the check-in counter said anything, as if it was the most normal thing for them to check in bikes, some dude retrieved the box in Dublin and placed it on my cart, and while I was waiting, I found out that I wouldn't have to hop on a coach (bus) to go to the Dublin train station, catch a train to Limerick, and then finish the last mile in a taxi: a bus operates fairly regularly directly from Dublin airport to Limerick, taking four hours for the journey. That's about how long it would have taken me via the train station, but I only had to pay 19€ — the train itself would have been 25€, plus the taxi charges.

: The coach driver was curious when he saw the box, but I didn't have to pay extra, and after watching Airport on my laptop and listening to the new Katatonia album, I found myself with my bag and the bike next to the university's main entrance, with Mel and Daren on the way to pick me up. Five minutes later, I was in my home-to-be-for-five-weeks.

I dropped into bed at around 4am and promptly overslept the next morning, then decided to use the day for errands, hitched a ride from Laura (the stressed-out Skynet president and Skycon organiser) to an excellent nearby bike store where I reassembled the bike, got myself a lock (see below) and a mud guard for the front wheel, then headed off for the campus bank to open an account, rode back and forth between the Lero building and the bank to satisfy their bureaucratic thirsts and finally obtained the details for my very own Irish bank account. And I squeezed a bit of grocery shopping in between.

Meeting Brian (my supervisor) in the hallway, we agreed on a meeting on Monday, so the remainder of this week is for finishing the various proposals and papers on my to-do list, preparing for the meeting by getting back to speed with my research, as well as getting to know the local party crowd — exams are about to end in Limerick and I've been told to have picked quite an excellent time of year for my visit because the university will become a mad house this weekend. We'll see how compatible those tasks are, but boy am I glad that I am not living anywhere near the student villages, or as I put it last night: I don't mind going to parties, but if the party comes to where I am, I'd rather not have it be every night.

So this would bring me to the title of this post: stuff that I forgot to pack:

Due to popular request, I shall be back here with pictures of my surroundings one of these days.

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