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No-fly list to be scrubbed?

Nori points me to this article by Bruce Schneier, which seems like good news for me.

Does it mean I'll be able to visit the US again sometime in the future? I don't think so; travel to the US is among the most unattractive things I can currently think of. I might reconsider when the US stops treating visitors like terrorists, taking their fingerprints and requiring so-called "Passenger Name Records" to be made available by the airline companies transporting passengers into the US, with the sole purpose to build a criminal file for everyone entering the country, just in case they become a threat to national security or an obstacle in the path of the neo-conservatives to forge ahead.

In addition, I'd fear for my laptop, which US immigration officers can now seize without reasons and scrutinise; I do not own a laptop because I can do without one for weeks on end.

Furthermore, all my data are encrypted for good reasons. As the old saying goes: "only the guilty have something to hide", I'd surely make it into their prisons as a suspected terrorist (which has happened to people before). What the US doesn't understand is that even though I may be guilty and therefore hiding something, it doesn't mean I am hiding it from them.

So no, I don't think I'll enter the US anytime soon.

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