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Prog bands worth checking out

Via Porcupine Tree and in close cooperation with Hanspeter, I've spent a large part of the past couple of months listening to not-so-well-known progressive bands. Here's a list of bands worth checking out if you're into this kind of music. I'll refrain from attaching bla bla to them. There's no order other than a trend from rock to metal.

Contact me if you're looking for specific album recommendations, or have any band/album recommendations to offer!

NP: Katatonia / Viva Emptiness

Update: multiple people have recommended King Crimson, a band that I know very well in fact (it was the only band I've ever followed on a tour). I guess the above list is about not-so-well-known bands. I did not include Gensis, Yes, Emerson Lake Palmer, Jethro Tull, etc. either.

And I think I am leaning more towards progressive metal these days.

Update: as Alexander Wirth points out, Dream Theater is not unknown, and he's right. So be it. :)