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Firefox hate

Dear Mozilla Firefox:

if I execute something akin to:

for i in 1 2 3 4 5; do iceweasel http://server/path/to/url/$i; done

then this means that I want you to open http://server/path/to/url/1 through http://server/path/to/url/5. That's five pages, thanks for forgetting the first four.

You are a browser that's becoming more unusable by the day. You are bloated. You are slow and you like to crash. And apparently your trying to be smart (in attempting to use an existing instance for new requests, such as the above) is just a means to cover up how fucking stupid you really are.

If only some of the extensions I've come to rely on would exist for some of the lean alternatives...

NP: Porcupine Tree / Signify

Update: several people have responded and claimed that the above works fine for them, so I fired up safe-mode and saw for myself.

I then checked out the list of extensions and found the Reuse Home Page extension, and the behaviour now becomes clear, even before reading the comments. Silly me. Extension disabled, although it was rather useful.

Update: many people have pointed me to the -new-tab and -new-window options, which are not in the --help output, but documented in the MozillaZine Knowledge Base.