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For Those Who Care About: Switzerland/Liechtenstein

On 13 Nov 2006, Daniel Baumann, Adrian von Bidder, and I instantiated the debian.ch club as official representative of the Debian project in Switzerland and the Principality of Liechtenstein. This task had been previously delegated to me by our leader, Anthony Towns. We waited until now with the announcement due to some outstanding issues that had to be resolved first.

debian.ch is a non-profit organisation with the expressed purpose to represent, hold assets for, and further the Debian project in the aforementioned two countries. At this moment, we're only a legal entity with no specific plans for activities and exist mainly to be able to receive donations. Also, due to time constraints, we are not accepting membership applications at this point in time. This may, obviously, change in the future, accompanied with an appropriate announcement.

You can contact us at info ät debian dôt ch or admire our design skillz at http://debian.ch, which we will eventually translate to English, and probably Italian and French. As you can see, the domain name is still registered to the previous holder, but the transfer to our organisation has already been approved to take place at the end of the subscription on 31 Dec 2007.

As first official act, I herewith announce the nomination of Mark J Ray as an honorary member of debian.ch. Honorary members have no rights and no obligations, but they also cannot quit.

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