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Install full Vista from upgrade version

This is just hilarious and representative of a company that seems to have no idea about security or the ways of the hackers (from Monsters and Cirtics.com):

With a DVD-based Windows Vista upgrade, you can install the complete version, even if you've never owned (or installed) Windows before. Simply don't enter the product key after booting from the DVD and install a 30-day trial. Then reboot with the DVD a second time, and now enter the product key. It will upgrade the trial to a full version.

I am definitely not advocating anyone to do this because there are plenty of reasons to avoid Windows Vista; I just post this for the giggles. Microsoft, you are morons. Get a grip. You can't beat the "bad" guys at security. Noone can. And when it's about licencing costs, the only lucrative way seems to find real business models based on a non-volatile basis and with a more sustainable edge to them.

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Update: In the light of the above story, this interview makes me laugh for the sheer amount of hot air.

And then there is this this gem, an email from Jim Allchin to Billie Boy and his mate Stevie with fabulous statements, like "... our teams lost sight of what bug-free means, ... what security means..." (as if they ever knew...), or "I would buy a Mac today if I was not working at Microsoft." That was 2004. Three years later it is as if this email had never been written.