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Google bias

If you search Google for "madduck", it will give you the pages for "Mad Duck.org The Sportsman's Voice For Waterfowl Conservation" (they don't get a link from me) and my blog, in that order.

If you compare page ranks, it's their measely 4 against my whopping 6. Can you think of a reason why they'd get the #1 spot? Yahoo and some of the other search engines similarly rank them before me. Tell me, please.

NP: Dream Theater / Score: XOX - 20th Anniversary World Tour

Update: I've received plenty of responses and feel aweful for taking half a year to update this, but anyway:

Google seems to be using two factors to determine the ranking: popularity and relevance. While the former is determined with PageRank, the latter really only seems to be what one of my readers calls "Google black art" (and I assume Yahoo and the others do pretty much the same): the relevance of a hit may be influenced by your search history or other factors, including score bonus administered by the midgets working in the bowels of the Googleplex.