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Why we have not yet released — my Skycon presentation

On Sunday, I gave a talk at the 1st Skycon titled "Debian etch: does that itch scratch yet" (it's far less funny now than I thought it was when I came up with it).

I think it was a well-received talk and from first feedback, it provided a doog overview of our situation with etch to those who don't follow the project very closely. I would especially like to thank Steve Langasek, Sam Hocevar, Frans Pop, Brian May, Anthony Towns, Theodore Ts'o, Thomas Viehmann. and the other folks of #debian-devel for their input during preparation. And a big shout to everyone who showed up to the talk itself, which included a bunch of the chaps who showed me a "craic" time during my five week stay in Limerick ("craic" is an Irish way to vent enthusiasm).

As I've come to expect, my (not-so-)lovely IBM laptop hardlocked whenever I tried to switch on the external VGA port, be it via ACPI, /proc, or the BIOS, even after a reboot. I also could not get a Wifi association and did not have a USB key on me, so I started to get comfortable with the fact that I'd be doing the talk based off an older set of slides. Fortunately, just when I was about to start, I restored the ACPI registers to proper working order using a uswsusp suspend cycle (of all things; did you hear that, Matthew?), even though Cathal's USB stick and Dave's laptop came to my rescue. Thanks guys, even though I ended up using my own laptop, mostly because of Firefox's Autohide extension.

The slides are online under the CC by-sa-nc 2.5 licence. The source is a reStructured Text document (and a bunch of images), which rst2s5 translated for use with the sweet S5 presentation system (S6? Haha).

Last but not least, I would like to thank everyone at Skynet and especially Laura for organising this event. It was very fun and the selection of talks as well as the attendants ranked above the likes of such "important" events like LinuxTag. I hope there will be another Skycon next year!

NP: Amorphis / Elegy

Update: Thanks, h01ger for pointing out that Sun Java is not actually in main, but in non-free. Slides updated.