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Looking for a home cinema projector

Dear Lazyweb: yesterday a good friend of mine invited me to dinner and asked me to prepare the asparagus, because she didn't know how to do it. Funny that, for neither did I. So we get online, but after the first few pages, I swore and killed the browser window, and instead turned to the #debian.de IRC channel, where I was promptly helped. The asparagus turned out to be really good, and I really didn't expect otherwise.

So I went on to rave about what a great community Debian is, with the result that today she calls me up and ask me to query "my community" for advice on what projector to get. She wants a home cinema type thing to be mounted on the ceiling (so it needs a remote control), she'd be willing to spend around 600€ for it, and she'd prefer if exchange bulbs didn't come in at half the price of the projector itself.

Does anyone have recommendations for specific models, brands, or other stuff to look out for before we go shopping for one? Please let me know! Don't let me down on this one. :)

Thanks, Lazyweb! It goes without saying that I shall update this post with relevant information.

NP: Sina / Bescht of Sina

Update: I previously used the word "beamer", which is used only in Germany to describe video projectors, despite it being an English word.

Update: I received only one reply, advocating a beamer that was more than 1'000€. In the end, we thus decided to simply get the cheapest beamer on the market (by NEC) for a bit more than 250€. The beamer does the job, and the theory is that when it dies, we can just get the next cheap beamer.