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The Cooper Temple Clause

I went out again to the Abart music club (warning: flash content) last night to see The Cooper Temple Clause. They have a new album out, which I haven't heard, but I own and really like their first two records, which is why I decided to go.

Hanspeter and I entered the venue to find it filled with loads of people about half our age, mainly of the female gender, and judging from the mood of the music spun by the pre-DJ, we concluded that it's all going to stink and be incredibly soft girly-rock. We prepared for the worst and couldn't quite get the hang of the supporting band, Flink from Lucerne, who had some interesting ideas but generally sang too much and seem to be unfamiliar with the concept of development of musical themes.

When they went off, we dived outside to evade the hot and humid air from all the teenies steaming up the place, came back, couldn't decide where to stand, and finally ended up in what would proof to be the best position in the venue, at least if you want to be optimistic about it. We were far enough from the stage to actually hear the singing (as opposed to standing directly at the stage during the Amplifier concert, where we could only barely make out the words), and there was a drift of a breeze whifting away the estrogen mist.

And then main act, The Cooper Temple Clause, came on and really impressed me from the start. Hanspeter took a little while to get used to and appreciate the fact that it would be three people singing interchangeably (just as all front musicians kept changing instruments), but I was blown away from the start. Ben, the main singer's voice is amazing in that he can really just scream across all octaves and put a load of emotion into his music. Dan's voice appealed to me less, but it was totally overshadowed by his amazing guitar and bass performance, which built up to a peak in the second half of the show. Tom, who DJ'd and took control over the electronics, started screaming into the microphone more and more as the show went on, and with screaming I don't mean uncontrolled vocal chord noise, but rather perfect control of the pitch and a smooth blend with the rest of the band.

Really well done, guys. I am still unsure whether to buy your new record, but I'll definitely be listening to your old ones more often in the near future.

And props also to the Abart location, which rose to a top position in my list of best venues in Zurich after only my second visit.

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