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Proximity, a state of trance, and going over the limit

I really enjoy living so close by the airport, especially given the amount I have to travel. It's usually sufficient for me to leave my flat 60 minutes prior to departure time of any flight, and that has saved me from a bit of stress in the past.

Today, on this incredibly fine Sunday, Zurich under a bright blue sky and the air at a comfortable 10-12°C, I decided to take a run down my current favourite route: from Auzelg down (up?) the Glatt river towards the airport.

It's about a half hour run for the 5km between my flat and the fence separating bystanders from the runways. Usually I then turn around, possibly via a detour, to return home after 10-15km.

Today I felt incredibly energetic (much of it was related to Amorphis, who were rocking my headphones), so I kept going, and before I knew it, I had decided I was going to run once around the airport.

It turns out that the perimeter is larger in distance than getting there and back on foot. According to the Gmaps Pedometer, where I plotted my route, it's about 15km around the airport, and it was 26km full "door to door."

But by then, my mind was set, and my enthusiasm completely overshadowed navigating through parking lots and roads and towns and over at least 5km of asphalt, which I hate. I ended up getting myself lost a bit due to lack of a watch and stupidly assuming that since I can't tell what time it is, the sun must be standing still. Eventually, though, I found someone to ask for directions and found my way back to the Glatt river.

The rest of the way, knowing exactly what lay ahead and feeling my muscles scream and protesting, I managed to enter a state of trance in which my feet would not touch the ground anymore, in which I'd just fly over the path while feeling an incredible, overwhelming urge to go even faster. My mind ignored my body and kept going. What a great feeling!

I got back to my flat exactly 3 hours after I embarked on the "little jog" feeling exhausted as I haven't felt in many years, but also very proud: this was the first time for me to break the 20km of continous running (I did not stop for a minute once).

And now, even after a long and very hot bath and half an hour of stretching, I get to feel the consequences of going over the limit. Don't ask me to move for the rest of this day.

NP: Amorphis / Am Universum