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I want Jabra!

My Nokia 6230 and I decided to split ways, or rather someone decided it was time for us to break up. Given that I have all my contacts on the computer anyway, and the 6230 was nearing its end of life anyway, I skipped the part about being annoyed and hopped into the store yesterday to pick up a new subsidised phone in exchange for a contract extension that was due anyway.

Remembering the chat with Scott James Remnant at last year's Debian Barbeque, I went for the Sony Ericsson W810i. I initially wanted to stick with Nokia because I own many power adapters already, but Nokia recently switched the plugs, so that was no longer a motivation. I did have a brief look at the brand new E65 (the first Nokia phone to look decent, says Hanspeter), but I seriously doubt that Nokia actually fixed the problems with the E60, considering that the from the 6230 via the 6230i to the 6233, Nokia did not fix any single one of the problems I've had with the 6230.

So now I have this shiny W810i (with a white case) and I am struggling to use it, having grown accustomed to Nokia over the past years. The worst is that it won't play nice with my Jabra BT250 headset, which has treated me very well and which I'd much rather keep than replace. However, while I can speak over it, I cannot use any of the buttons on the headset, meaning I cannot receive calls without touching the phone. The phone thus thinks that I would much rather talk through the phone than the headset and I have to transfer the sound manually.

So I am wondering: does anyone of you have a newer Jabra BT headset, such as the BT250v or the BT500v and can confirm that it works with Sony Ericsson phones? If so, please let me know!

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