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Unsubscribing newspapers

I used to subscribe to the paper edition of the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ), but found myself discarding more papers than I could read, so sometime in 2005, I switched the subscription to their excellent Sunday paper (FAS) only and subscribed to their RSS feed for the daily juice.

About a year ago, I subscribed to the Financial Times Europe (FTE), which I came to like a lot for the journalism, the objectivity, and the brevity of the entire paper, while it never withheld an important story from me.

I always noticed that stories from the Sunday paper would randomly appear online throughout the week, but this morning, as I sat down for coffee and Sunday paper consumption, I was disappointed when quite a lot of the stories had already been RSS-fed to me before the Sunday paper was published. The usual number of spelling errors in the FAZ online feed had been corrected in the paper version, making me wonder why they perform quality control only for the paper edition.

Given the overlap between FTE and FAZ, the spelling errors, and this spoiled Sunday morning, I thus unsubscribed from the RSS-feed in favour of the FAS and FTE paper editions. That's rather contrary to the general trend and I am aware of the "dead-tree" argument, but I recycle all my papers, neatly stacked, and I do not believe that real-paper newspapers are among the prime environmental concerns we need to deal with. In the end, I simply prefer the paper editions and am happy to contribute otherwise to environmental preservation.

NP: Erik Norlander / Music Machine