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Starting netconf development

This message just went out to the debian-devel mailinglist:

Even though I am still somewhat physically limited, my brain today decided to start on the netconf development. And since we all know that the waterfall model is the One True Model and that Extreme Programming no solution, I started by drafting a document, nothing formal, just thoughts on how to implement the various parts of netconf. And open questions I already know need to be answered.

I shall be posting this document to the netconf-devel mailing list sometime soon and am looking for comments (and answers and helpers). The purpose of this message is to get interested people to subscribe. Please do so that we can keep debian-devel free of this and so that I can get more feedback (and potentially help).

If you don't know what I am talking about, check out the wiki page and slides from my last talk. Then subscribe.

Thanks for your attention; that is all.

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