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Seeking a decorative closet for servers

Dear Lazyweb: we are looking for a decorative closet to house two servers in our flat. What I have in mind is a closet of about 60x60cm base area and around 1.3 metres height. The outer casing should look good, so a butt-ugly-computer-grey casing is out of the question. Rather, we would like a black case with a darkened glass door in the front. We do not need to mount 19" cases, so the inside just has to accomodate two 46x66x22cm towers and a few appliances, such as backup tape drive, switch, and cable modem. We're looking to spend around 300€, at most.

I have been looking around on the web and on auction sites, but without any luck. Do you have any pointers? Please let me know! Thanks.

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