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Death is just the Beginning

I picked up the sampler Death... is just the Beginning Volume IV the other day, practically for free. On it, there are a few songs by bands I've come to like recently, so I expect to find a few more good tunes that way.

Opening the case, I notice that it's not the standard jewel case but rather a unique mixture between paper and plastic. But it's not plastic as the case boldly asserts. It's a NaturePac — no plastic — biodegradable.

Well, first off, I am glad that environmental consciousness is spreading. Next, I wonder whether the producers of the sampler expect me to get rid of it soon, or why they chose biodegradable packaging.

And last, since we already know that heavy metal is for gifted kids, I can now boldly assert that all listeners of death metal are environmentally conscious. Or was it the other way around?

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