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Dog control theory

For the next two weeks, I am proud owner of a dog. Or well, at least care taker:

Zeno and myself

Zeno, that's his name, is absolutely convinced that he is the centre of the universe, the "l'ombelico del mundo", as Jovanotti would sing. So it's very incomprehensible to him if I do anything but play with him and he follows me even to the toilet to make sure I don't miss a chance.

Apart from having learnt to type single-handedly now (the other hand petting him), what's really amusing is his never-ending, asymptotic quest for perfect comfort. Enter the sequence at any point:

  1. if not being petted, walk up to martin

  2. strike paw against whatever body part is available.

  3. if martin does not react, bite into his thigh, lightly.

  4. repeat 1-3 until martin reacts and starts petting.

  5. slowly start to lie down, thereby leaving martin's circle of reach

  6. wait a second so as to not arouse suspicion

  7. stand up, continue at 1.

I find this extremely reminiscent of control theory or a crap PID controller. You'd think dogs are intelligent until you witness the 20th iteration. I am not exaggerating. And I still love that dog.

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