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Continuing my enjoyment of Scandinavian art, I have become almost entirely hooked to the music of Gazpacho_. It's hard to classify this Norwegian band, but their website has a number of streams, so you can make up your own mind. In fact, they'll stream the entire album Night to you, which is my favourite by far — but that doesn't make the other three albums I bought any less good.

Their music is very innovative and creative, borrows from a plethora of styles, is technically attractive, and has a high potential of addiction. Very high indeed. As someone who's not too much into vocals, I am all the more impressed by how much I dig the unison of voices and music in most of their tracks.

Highly recommended. It took me a bit to get into the tunes, so don't lose your patience.

Now take some time off, sit comfortably and just listen to Night for 53 minutes. It's powerful.

NP: Gazpacho_: Bravo