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Bircher Müesli

Due to popular demand and a related story, I am herewith sharing my recipe for what I consider to be among the best types of food available: the Bircher Müesli.

As you'll see shortly, I am talking about mush, about a creamy, cereal-and-fruit-based mix of all kinds of ingredients. Its creator, Mr. Bircher designed this Müesli to release the contained energy into the body very slowly. Thus, with some Müesli in the morning hours, I can easily make it through to dinner without losing blood sugar or feeling down. And from the recipe, you'll be able to conclude that it's also, in fact, quite healthy.

My recipe started out from a recipe by Aline's mother, but it bears little resemblance to the original, I've spent two years experimenting on it. No kidding. This also means that you don't have to copy the recipe, but you can freely replace, add, or leave out ingredients to your liking. Especially the ginger, kardamon, and chili aren't exactly what the Swiss would put in there… (I almost never use ginger or chili anymore, but kardamon works really well).

Without further ado:

martin's Müesli

Ingredients (4-6 servings)


  1. Combine mushed banana and grated apple into tuppaware container, squirt lemon juice and mix to prevent discolouring.

  2. Add yoghurt, kiwi fruits, nuts, lemon peel, frozen berries, and mix.

  3. Stir in oat flakes, use milk/cream and orange juice to balance viscosity, which should be a bit thicker than the fruit yoghurt. Keep in mind that you can always add a bit of milk when eating it, but you can't really make it less viscous later. Also, the oats soak up a bunch of liquid, so it'll be more solid the next morning anyway.

  4. Add kardamon, ginger, chili powder according to taste.

  5. Seal tuppaware container and leave in fridge for several hours.

Now enjoy; the Müesli is best if consumed within 3-4 days.

As per suggestion of my flat mate, try a bit of aromatic cheese (such as Appenzeller) with the Müesli. That's what he always got from his mother, and I am starting to like it a lot.

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Update: because licences suck, I am releasing the recipe to the public domain. Yet, if you make any worthwhile changes, I'd appreciate if you fed them back to me, and if your Müesli wins a price, at least note my name in the acknowledgements of your biography.