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Chinese charity sought

Remember the free laptop I got, which I wanted to sell and donate the proceeds to a Chinese charity?

Well, I finally managed to get off my butt and contact interested buyers and it looks like I'll be able to get rid of it for around 1000€ (if you would pay more, let me know).

Now I am looking for a Chinese organisation that is dedicated to protecting the environment in China. It should be small and effective such that the money can be put to good use.

If you have any idea or even better, direct contacts to an organisation, please get in touch with me. I found a list of NGOs in China lists a number of NGOs in China I will consider, but having a direct contact would be better, especially to help me figure out how to get the money there.

Also, if you know of forums or people who could help, please point them to this post.

NP: Amorphis: Far from the Sun

Update: I have enquired contact information for this group of students. Obviously, if you know those people or are involved with them, let me know.