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Iceweasel/Firefox brings you the Windows experience!

For a while now, Iceweasel/Firefox comes with built-in phishing protection, which is undoubtedly a good thing given the number of idiots using the Web these days.

Screenshot of iceweasel's phishing protection warning

But the implementation is crap. If you surf to a phishing site, such as this test site, the page loads as you would expect and then the first strange things happen:

I get similar performance problems on the StaTravel website, and on map.search.ch, it almost always crashes.

Thank you, Firefox developers, for bringing the joys of the Windows world to Linux!

NP: Dream Theater: Metropolis Pt 2: Scenes from a Memory

Update: several people have responded that they cannot reproduce the problem. I thus created a new profile, uninstalled all system-wide extensions, removed all plugins such that about:plugins was empty and tried again. The problems persist, although I think the lags are not quite as long as before and the memory consumption is obviously down. Maybe this is amd64-related?

Update: It's not amd64-related, as several users have pointed out.

Update: still no luck, but James Andrewart pointed me to this bug report, which might improve things a bit:

"The new protocol specifies a single lookup algorithm for all tables, rather than having per-table logic. This lookup logic was moved in to the db service from the javascript.

URL canonicalization was moved completely into C++ too. The DB service can now handle a query from a raw URI, which will be needed for malware blocking."