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They could be onto something

The Neue Zürcher Zeitung relayed today the warning by the US American TSA (travel security agency) that terrorists may be practicing attacks on airplanes (in German) (sic), because the USA has recently found loads of highly suspicious substances all over the place.

I love the warning, which states that they could be practicing attacks. They could also be tanning on the beach somewhere and laughing their ass off at the idiots in Washington. And the rest of the world, who have not enough guts to stand up against the crap emerging from the White House but instead just shamble along like brainless ducklings.

Some have claimed that the terrorists have already won because nothing is as it used to be, and fear and chaos are spreading. I agree. I'll also claim that they're highly successful recruiters: after all, the governments of the Excited States of America and most of the European nations who like to grease up to Washington have long joined their ranks and are now themselves terrorising their people. Yet, if you ask them, they'll deny it. Brilliant recruiters.

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