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Sending email via IMAP (or not?)

I am playing with the thought of using IMAP to send email from my mobile clients. The way this works is that mail is actually placed into a Maildir locally and synchronised with the IMAP server using a tool such as offlineimap. The Courier IMAP server supports such an outbox feature, for other servers you can use inotify or a cron job (I am planning to publish a writeup about my new mail setup sometime soon, so no scripts linked here yet).

Anyway, it's trivial to get it working, and Dann Frazier has written it all up. The question is more whether I want to, or not. I am soliciting feedback.

The advantages of using an IMAP-synchronised outbox are:

Any solution with advantages comes with disadvantages, and these are:

Can you think of any other advantages or disadvantages? Do you use an IMAP-synchronised outbox and would like to share your experiences with me? Or do you have yet another solution? Write to me!

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