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Asymmetry of eShops

Why do we shop over the Internet? Why do we let ourselves be treated like cattle in ways?

The other day, I won an eBay auction and was notified shortly afterwards by the seller (smile_plus168) that the item was not in stock anymore. So why did you list it, you muppet? If I retract my bid on eBay, I get punished for it, but sellers can do what they like? It was the icing on the cake to then receive the following note from the seller:

Would you pls still give me a positive feedback to me .pls don't worry about yours ,once you given it to me ,my ebay system will give you the same by AUTO.

Are you out of your mind?

Then I got a note from an Amazon seller (e-bug.de), filled with spelling and grammar errors and letting me know that

unfortunately, the number of articles in stock was not enough to ship one out to you.

I got refunded in both cases, but still feel let down.

I find it unacceptable that such asymmetry exists. After all, clicking that "Yes, I agree" button is making a binding contract, just like putting an item up for sale. If you don't have the item, you can't sell it. Seems like standard merchandising 101.

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Update: I made contact with both, eBay and Amazon and found paragraphs in their Terms of Services, which those sellers had violated. I hope both companies take appropriate action.

Update: [___marche_24](http://www.amazon.de/gp/help/seller/at-a-glance.html/302-6327478-2715202?ie=UTF8&marketplaceSeller=1&seller=AVNIX7FI1IHD1>`_](http://www.amazon.de/gp/help/seller/at-a-glance.html/302-6327478-2715202?ie=UTF8&marketplaceSeller=1&seller=AVNIX7FI1IHD1) is another (Amazon) seller who violates their terms of services and has not shipped my order in a month, claiming to be waiting for delivery of the goods from upstream.

Update: AVIDES Media AG is another (Amazon) seller who …