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I am thinking of installing Windows

Did that title get your attention? Thought so. Now you have to read on as I explain!

I am working on my PhD thesis and despite a bunch of gimmicks in place to help me with discipline (ha!), such as a pretty sweet mail filter setup (in need of further improvement), I end up distracted too often. For me, it's not the Internet which draws my attention, it's rather just Debian. As a developer, whenever I encounter a suboptimality (there are no problems with Debian!), I end up fixing it, or at least filing a bug report. Or I'll play around with my system and tweak things. I'd even argue that I am not playing around, actually, for I am good enough staying away from geeky fiddling and rather put proper fixes and enhancements in place. But those still consume time.

Thus the idea of putting a second system with Windows installed wandered through my head in search of something to connect with. Yes, Windows, for one simple reason: I hate using it. So the theory goes that with Windows, I might actually stick with working on the thesis, trying to avoid touching that disgusting system otherwise.

There are at least two (obvious) reasons why this isn't going to happen, any time soon at least: first, I am sure that the devil in me would find ways to kill time, and if only by cheating to obtain access to a Real operating system. Whether this is true, only a trial would tell. The second, and more important reason is that I have an important deadline coming up and anticipating the lovely whooshing sound it'd make zooming by is not an option. To get Windows up and running, and to have it ready for service, with LaTeX and Git and all the other tools I use properly configured, I'd have to invest 2-3 days, at least. And those I cannot afford at this stage.

But the thought is now in my head. I hope you haven't just lost all your respect. I may actually be kidding.

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