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Criticisms of academic writing

The theory of reasoned action(TRA) was first proposed by Azjen and Fishbein (1975 & 1980)

So it was first proposed in 1980? Or in 1975?

Endless lists of references, unrelated. Bloat.

Passive voice.

Single-author papers speaking of "we".

"The qualitative interview is used in qualitative research of all kinds, whether positivist, interpretive or critical. It is used in case studies, in action research, in grounded theory studies, and in ethnographies (Hesse-Biber & Levy, 2006; Klein & Myers, 1999; Myers, 1997, 1999; Northcutt & McCoy, 2004)." -- pointless, contentless, waste of paper

This study aims to address these issues and answer the above question through a number of objectives

Studies aim? You answer through objectives? the previous section argues

Conboy's thesis

07 18:35 < madduck> and if (Smith 2003) already said what you say, quote it in full, leave it the fuck out, but do not do: "It has been shown that foo (Smith 2003) and that bar (Smith 2003). Furthermore, it seems that water is wet (Smith 2003). Finally, some concerns have been raised that moo (Smith 2003) 07 18:35 < madduck> especially not if Smith 2003 is a fucking 700 page book

Klein and Myers (1999) recommend that "the intellectual basis for the research should be as transparent as possible to the reader".

"""Cooper and Schindler (2003) recommend that, particularly in instances where the study is broad and exploratory and where limited research currently exists, it is vital that the researcher parses the research project into a set of clearly defined steps."""

--> and I need references for that???

Change is the movement away from a present state toward a future state (George and Jones, 1995).

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