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How to ruin music, German-style

Solar Project_ are a German progressive band. I like most of their music, but they ruin it on almost every song by opening their mouths. The problem is not that they can't sing, the problem is that they sing ein English. Even zough zey doo not häve äi Dschörmän äccent, they still can't pronunce their words, usually stressing the wrong syllables or resting too long on a vowel. For instance, they love the word "animals," but they always pronunce it aa-niiii-mals.

As a result, I tend to think I am listening to some sort of "Learning English — Special, First-Year Edition for German Folk Singers" CD, rather than progressive rock. What a shame.

When The Beatles sing "O komm doch, komm zu mir" to the tune of "I Want to Hold Your Hand", I get the chills; when Peter Gabriel sings "Eindringling" instead of "Intruder", I turn off the stereo. But those experimented with their curiosity and translated their originals into German, which is applaudable even if horrific; well, it's "art", right?

Solar Project seem to think English is so hip that they don't even bother with German. That's not uncommon either, many German bands sing English, but none have rubbed me so badly as Solar Project has.

NP: Solar Project_: Chromagnitude