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Finally on the right track

It's now three weeks since I am officially a Ph.D. student at the University of Limerick, but I've been too busy to do anything about it. Today, I finally updated my research webpage and sat down to tell you the tale of how I successfully defended my research, but failed to leave the country the next day.

As is customary in the British system, I initially enrolled at UL as a Master student. In October, I then applied for a transfer to the Ph.D. track, submitted a transfer report and prepared for a live defence, according to the UL code of practice.

On 23 November, I presented my research to my examiners, Dr. Pär Ågerfalk and Patrick Healy, who found my work to be at Ph.D. level and approved of my transfer.

I was moderately nervous going into the presentation, not really knowing what was expected of me. In the end, however, the presentation went well and the ensuing discussion provided valuable feedback. Thank you, Pär and Paddy, as well as Norah (who chaired), and Brian (my supervisor) for all your time, help, and support.

After the defence, Mel waited outside with a beer in hand, and it being Friday and all, I happily popped the cap and drank. Plans to head to The Stables gave way to chilling on the couch in 110 (my home away from home), before we headed to town for the Kila gig.

We arrived early, had some beers, enjoyed the show, had some more beers, went home, and had some more beers to Guitar Hero, and when I crawled into bed, I was shocked to find out that I had lost all track of time and it was in fact already 5:30 on Saturday morning, instead of the perceived 2 o'clock.

See, the source of this shock was a plane that left Dublin the next day around noon, and a rental car that was to get me there, leaving the house at 8. But when my alarm shattered my drunk dreams at 7:30, it quickly became clear (or well, everything was blurred, actually), that I would have a hard time getting into the car, and I would certainly never manage to navigate it to Dublin, a three hour drive. So I called up the airline and the rental company and rescheduled for the next day (only one flight from Dublin to Zurich a day), and went back to dreamland.

I am entirely unsure whether my Ph.D. transfer defence was enough of a reason to get smashed. I still had a good time, though — as always in Ireland, especially with this crowd…

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